For us, Tel Aviv is a city of originality, daring, and new opportunities. A city with its own unique, straightforward style, built on a groundbreaking pioneer spirit, where the imagination runs free. A city where it's fun not only to live, but to create. Every City Boy project comes from a place of love, understanding, and appreciation for this remarkable city and its vision of never stopping, never stagnating, but constantly moving forward, making progress, initiating, leading, and creating. To be in the right place at the right time, a moment before everyone else. This same daring, foresight, and pursuit of excellence led Ran Belinkis, Tel Aviv local and City Boy owner, to found the revolutionary AM:PM supermarket chain that transformed the face of Tel Aviv retail – and the way residents do their shopping – forever.

An entrepreneurial spirit, attention to detail, and outside-the-box thinking: these are the cornerstones of City Boy's identity. As a dynamic, ambitious company specializing in Tel Aviv residential real estate, we always keep tabs on the hottest design trends, while constantly seeking out the city's most promising new prospects. We have a wealth of experience identifying and selecting projects in up-and-coming areas that will offer significant added value, and then transforming these areas into the most in-demand locations. In addition to establishing projects on Allenby and Herbert Samuel Streets, we were first to recognize the immense potential of Tel Aviv's American Colony (Keren Complex) and the Yitzhak Sadeh Complex (Hassan Arfa), as well as vibrant Herzl Street, Salame Road, and the city's southern neighborhoods, which are now known as the trendiest spots in Tel Aviv. Many of our projects have already changed the face of the city, and continue to do so today.

Our knowledge, experience, and professionalism make City Boy a pioneer in the Tel Aviv landscape, as our understanding of the city's complex planning procedures enables us to work effectively with all the relevant authorities and navigate all the challenging construction processes required in a high-density city like Tel Aviv. The company specializes in locating and improving properties, as well as planning, developing, establishing, constructing, and marketing urban residential, commercial, and business projects, both in Israel and around the world. We have extensive, diverse experience in planning and constructing hundreds of apartments and commercial areas down to the last detail, always with the finest specifications and within the shortest timeframe. In order to meet our own high standards, while never compromising on excellence, we collaborate with Israel's top architects, designers, and consultants. Thanks to their unparalleled capabilities, City Boy is proud to present a groundbreaking, innovative urban residential experience, with the goal of transforming all the company's projects into icons within the Tel Aviv cityscape.

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We believe in excellence and efficiency, and are firmly committed to meeting all our obligations, with full transparency, personal integrity, and professionalism. Attending to your needs and ensuring your complete satisfaction are our top priorities, through an uncompromising dedication to championing quality and meeting deadlines at all times. The vast experience that we have gained from countless projects, both in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, has taught us that each project requires individual care and fastidious attention to detail in order to provide the highest value. When you choose City Boy, you're choosing a company that thinks outside the box, and goes the extra mile to provide you with the best possible results.